R&L Printing Inc was founded by Lou Smeriglio and Romeo Podesta to offer the print buyer their expertise in commercial printing and it's associated services – Design through print production with mailing and fulfillment at competitive prices. R&L is` a full service commercial printing company offering Web heatset and non-heatset as well as sheetfed and Digital printing. We stress superior customer support to meet our customer demands.

With over 60 years of pre-press and print production experience Romeo and Lou will assist clients from the design stage all the way to press in order to assure quality and turnaround. Most of the problems today are the way printers receive electronic files from clients. R&L prepare their clients to facilitate the printing process by teaching clients how to prepare their electronic files for print at a minimal cost.

Over the years the printing industry has seen many changes from paper prints or mechanicals, to digital files outputting to film, and now to CTP (computer output to plate) This in turn skipped steps in the production process, reducing labor costs, and therefore increasing the resolution and sharpness of the printing. CTP has put the film industry in a declining market, especially in the newspaper and high end quality printing industry.

R&L also offers mailing and fulfillment to clients at a reasonable rate. Inserting or marriage mailing can be complex when dealing with dated material. R&L can meet those customer demands especially during the holiday season when printing press runs increase.

R&L specializes in newsletters, tabloids, mini tabs, sheet-fed and digital printing, varying from small to large press runs. The company with its knowledge and expertise in the printing industry offers a personal commitment to their clients with excellent customer service at a competitive price. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, so we may start you on your way to qualilty and savings on your next print run.

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